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How much closing help to ask for on Short Sales & Why – Your DC, MD, & VA Realtor


With so many short sale and foreclosures dominating the housing market it’s definitely a buyer’s market.  One of the misconception with short sales is how much closing help they can try to ask for.  At one point and time 6% was the normal without a doubt but today 6% is history especially with banks.  In today’s real estate market how a contract comes over to the listing agents shows the listing agent several things one is either how much knowledge the buyer’s agent has or if upon the request of the buyer how out of the loop they are if they have been educated by their agent.

Things have surely change and are changing every month so to hear someone say “when I bought my home” which was probably before 2008 is usually totally out of the loop because those rules from then don’t ap...

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Tis The Season To Buy & Sell Real Estate – Your Washington DC Area Realtor

Damon - Home

Christmas is in the air, the sales are everywhere from smartphones to new cars but one of the best sales are homes.  Yes homes are on sale as well.  Prices have been dropping for the longest time and this is the season when people find deals or steals but wait if you’re trying to sell your home this is still the best time to put it on the market because right after the New Year people begin searching again hoping not to get caught up in the spring craze.  From March through September is buying season in Real Estate but the smart buyers are looking during the Fall and winter months because there is less competition and they can grab a bargain like NOW.

In Washington DC the market is still great.  Where the houses are more traditional sales than short sales...

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Why Damon The Agent ?


10 Reasons To Select Damon The Agent & the SOLD Supreme Team

  1. 10+ Years of Hands on Experience not just holding a license.
  2. Licensed in Washington, DC, Maryland, & Virginia.
  3. Explains every step clearly without talking around you but rather involving you in the process to where you fully understand.
  4. Free advice whether or not you buy or sell.
  5. The Ultimate SELLING Machine SOLD is the #1 GOAL.
  6. 99% recommended by PREVIOUS homeowners & home buyers.
  7. FHA/CDA/VA Approved to sell.
  8. Is liked among most colleagues due to high integrity.
  9. Represents clients not just like a lawyer but rather as if it were himself in your shoes.
  10. Appreciation Gifts for ALL clients.
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